Simple CRM software (CRM for sales people very easy to use)

Simple CRM software

“Simple” CRM software (or CRM software for SMEs) is software that can generally be used in “self-service” via the internet : you open a demo account, you start using the CRM software directly.

In fact, the customization capabilities are simple and often limited and the functionalities restricted to sales (contacts, opportunities, etc.).

The point is to quickly improve the efficiency of your sales reps, without having to disrupt the whole company (especially if the company is small).

Thus, a sales manager can decide almost independently to set up a CRM in order to structure the activity of his salespeople, to monitor his sales, to be sure that all prospects are properly followed up…

A simple CRM is generally useful as soon as you have 4 salespeople, because there is a real team and a need to manage commercial activity.

The other advantage is that with simple CRM software, you can very quickly check whether the software is suitable for your business or not thanks to the trial version.

Most often these sales-oriented CRM software include the following modules

A small sales / marketing actions module

But they do not include Customer Service (after-sales service tickets, knowledge base, etc.) or Marketing Campaigns (marketing automation, management of emailings, etc.).

Indeed, the addition of these modules greatly complicates the implementation, the simplicity of use…

What I notice is that often SMEs start with a small simple CRM software, in order to replace Excel or the management software, then once the tool is well mastered and the sales team grows, then it is considering moving to an advanced CRM.

But this is not always the case, many companies keep their CRM simple for years, precisely because it makes it possible to structure the activity without slowing it down, at a lower budget (less than 30 € / month per salesperson) and with total autonomy.

In this top 6, I particularly recommend these 2 CRM software which are simple and complete which will suit your sales team: (14-day free trial) , which is a French CRM software that will be perfect for most SMEs who want a very productive and above all very simple tool. Its price is also one of the cheapest at around 10€/month/user.

Pipedrive (free trial here)  which is aimed more at Startups or companies with slightly more advanced needs in terms of prospecting.

Pipedrive and NoCRM are CRM software that is particularly suitable if you want to set up a CRM in a small sales team (less than 10 salespeople), without setting up a “CRM project” in order to maintain autonomy from the service computer science.

To go further, here is my top 6 CRM software for SMEs. is a simple and effective CRM solution, particularly well designed for salespeople.

It is important to note that it is a French software (but used in many countries in the world), with technical support in French.

The team includes around twenty people, with good responsiveness. improves the productivity of sales teams, with the focus of saving them time, and avoiding the phenomenon of “gas factory” or “reporting” CRM, which is more useful to the manager or the management than to the business itself. is thus positioned as an alternative to “classic” CRMs which are often considered as a “brake on business”, by giving salespeople a real tool for efficiency.

For example, offers the possibility to register new leads in a very short time and to visually follow the sales cycle to follow up with the right leads so as not to forget a single deal.

With you have a simple tool to track your current business portfolio with a very clear visual representation.

The other point is that easily integrates with office tools, especially messaging (Office 365…). Also, never miss important appointments or calls by syncing reminders to your calendar. has several interesting features that will save your salespeople time, such as the automatic transcription of voice memos into text in contact files (very interesting for entering meeting minutes without having to type everything by hand … which sales reps hate to do!).

The other point is that this solution always offers a “next action”, which allows you to initiate a follow-up action, to wait X days before calling back… which is a real time saver and allows you to structure business activity. also allows you to create several sales cycles (eg to manage simple sales and complex sales), with different stages. Again, this changes from the “rigid” and “administrative” side of many CRMs. also has a mini project management software to organize events.

The monitoring of marketing actions (trade shows, webinars, etc.) makes it possible to quickly check whether actions have been taken after an event (relaunch in progress, case won, etc.). with lead capture, source tracking, generated opportunity management, interaction tracking, and more.



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