The Ultimate SEO Proposal

SEO Proposal

The SEO audit should be at the center of a digital agency’s activities. Whether your agency relies on outbound sales, inbound marketing tactics, or a combination of the two, pitching an SEO proposition is fundamental to converting leads into clients.

The embeddable audit tool we offer plays a vital role in empowering digital agencies to grow their new business activities. Thanks to him and interviews with agency founders, we were able to determine precisely what elements you should include in your SEO proposals to motivate potential customers and close more contracts. We’ve put this information together in an SEO proposal template that you can download as a PDF below. You can use this SEO proposal template in conjunction with our guide on how to create SEO reports for your clients .

SEO Proposal template download

1. What are the business objectives of your potential customers?

Since we are talking about SEO, they will surely answer that they are looking to “increase traffic” on their site, but try to find out more and understand what may be behind this answer. There may be several concrete business objectives behind such a response. Here are a few :

  • Increase their income
  • Improve the quality of their traffic
  • Increase their conversion rates
  • Improve their visibility in search results
  • Optimize Google My Business listing
  • Outperform their competitors in search results

2. What keywords are they targeting?

Don’t just look at their current site rankings. Talk to your potential customers to determine which keywords they want to rank for.

3. Who are their main competitors?

This information will allow you to put the site’s performance in search into context, but in the future, it can also serve as a basis for you to analyze the profitability of a potential customer, which will help him to fight more effectively against its competitors.

You can base your answers to these questions on estimates (which may be obvious to some companies), but there’s nothing better than a clear answer. Propose a call or, even better, a Zoom call in order to discuss these elements and understand the vision that this client has of his company and his challenges. Take note of the elements he emphasizes and the emotive adjectives he uses. You need to make sure that you understand his answers to the three questions presented above, because you will have to reuse this information in your SEO proposal! Thus the potential customer will understand that you have a good knowledge of his company and that you are able to develop SEO strategies that will allow him to achieve his objectives.

Once you have all of these answers in hand, you can download our SEO proposal template . The following guide covers each of its sections:



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