Improve your on-page SEO

on-page SEO

Develop a mobile-friendly site

First, ask yourself if your site is mobile-friendly . Indeed, who says local SEO says smartphone use. 61% of mobile users are likely to contact a business if the site is responsive. And since Google relies on the mobile version of your platform to position you in its search results, you have every reason to pay attention to the important points of natural referencing : loading time of your pages, correction of 404 errors (unknown page ), design suitable for smartphone screens, etc.

Choose the right local keywords

To move up the search engine SERP rankings, you need to address the search intent of people . The advantage of local SEO is that searches are specific, linked to a location. To find the right local keywords to work with , cross-reference the data between your catchment area, your products or services, your customers’ issues and your competitors’ keywords. Also, be consistent about the information about your business on your website. Make a precise note of the name, address and telephone number of your establishment. Google crosses information and gives you credibility if everything is consistent.

Create content in your locality

Thanks to your study of keywords , you will have an idea of ​​the content to create or optimize to appear in the ranking of search engines and respond to the requests of Internet users. For example, if you are a tourist establishment ( hotel , campsite , travel agency, etc.), it will be relevant to have pages dedicated to localities near you, blog articles on nearby tourist sites and activities. On the one hand, you contribute to the construction of a semantic cocoon around your sector of activity and geographical area. On the other hand, you provide content with high added value for your visitors.

Optimize the title and meta tag

Finally, when your page is on the first page of the ranking in search engine results: take care of your title tag and your meta description to get into Google’s small papers and encourage users to click. The first appears in blue in the SERP and is read by the search engine; the second concerns the description below which allows you to explain what your page will be about. Therefore, this is the perfect place to add the keyword + localization .

Real Estate SEO clients

This free tool offered by Google offers a great opportunity for companies to appear on the SERP. Thanks to the Google Business Profile sheet ( formerly Google My Business (GMB)), you can highlight your company in the Local Pack and Google Maps. Indeed, the position of the Local Pack is totally strategic, whether on desktop or mobile, it is immediately visible to Internet users .

Complete your form correctly

To be included in Google’s local pack , you must configure your GMB listing. It’s quite simple to do and it will only take you a few minutes. To be visible on Google Maps and in local searches, create your Google Business Profile with a Google account, a telephone number and a postal address.

After inserting and defining your activity, the engine validates your form. You can then appear on local keywords. For example, you are a plumber in Paris in the 16th arrondissement. If an Internet user types on his mobile “plumber paris” and if it is in the 16th arrondissement, then Google will highlight your business listing, because you are close to the consumer . The Internet user can then decide either to call you or to come directly to your business using the itinerary on Google maps.

For a restaurant, consumers will find a menu, a price range

For a hotel, available dates and prices for reservations will be displayed, along with information about hotel amenities

The more elements you bring to Google, and to your future visitors, the more likely you are to be well positioned and to have transactions .

The sheet must be updated regularly with your news, your new products, if you change your address or schedules, etc.

Improve your local SEO thanks to reviews

One of the essential points on the Google Business Profile is the possibility of having opinions from your customers. This content posted by people outside your company boosts your popularity and gives you credibility. Visitors pay great attention to the opinions of other customers. This factor can significantly set you apart from competing sites: going from 3 to 5 stars gets a business 25% more clicks from the Google Local Pack.

You can improve your local SEO with customer reviews . However, it is not enough to let them live on your profile. You should also take the time to respond to them, whether the comments are positive or negative.



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